Be proactive with your employee handbooks—not reactive

AI-powered handbook maintenance technology that analyzes existing policies and changes in the law to identify gaps and support continuous, collaborative maintenance of compliant handbooks.

  • Aptifore Dashboard

    Uncover gaps in your employee handbook

    AI-powered technology that analyzes your existing handbook to identify gaps and support continuous maintenance of compliant handbooks.

  • Change in Legislation

    Always stay compliant

    Ongoing, automated personalized alerts and template wording updates to support proactive policy maintenance and mitigate risks in the face of continuously changing legislation.

Proactive, intelligent & personalized

  • Protect your brand and value proposition
  • Drive efficiency through secure, cross-team collaboration on handbook maintenance
  • Reduce risk and save time and expense of legal resources by organizing existing content and data securely
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory changes impacting your organization
Photo of colleagues in a meeting
  • Aptifore notification UI example

    Save time and costly resources

    Reduce time spent on tracking which legislation changes affects your business with Aptifore’s ongoing monitoring and automated alerts based on your customized organizational profile. Enable cross-team collaboration with multiple account sign-on credentials, commenting, and tracked changes.

  • Personalized Alerts

    Access best-in-class subject matter expertise

    Policy statements researched and prepared by trusted subject matter experts support proactive policy maintenance on a federal, state and local level.

Dive into XpertHR's Employee Handbook Survey!

Dive into XpertHR's Employee Handbook Survey!

We surveyed hundreds of organizations on how they approach handbook creation, maintenance, and more, and put all the findings into this whitepaper so you can use these tips to stay current, competitive, and most importantly, compliant.

The intelligent way to keep your employee handbook compliant… has arrived.