Revolutionizing the employee handbook process

Aptifore™ is the only intelligent employee handbook management solution that allows you to upload existing handbooks–ensuring your organization stays compliant and protected.

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    What is Aptifore?

    Our innovative new solution utilizes groundbreaking technology to ingest your handbook and develop a secure, customized profile to help you serve your organization’s distinctive needs and challenges—providing automated, personalized alerts and insights to keep your employee handbook compliant. This enables you to uncover any critical missing or outdated policies before it’s too late.

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    Ready for a demo?

    Maintaining a comprehensive and compliant employee handbook is a huge challenge and the responsibility of all businesses. Let us help you make it easy. What are you waiting for?

  • How do you keep your Employee Handbook compliant?

    This free guide will help you take a fresh look at your handbook, consider critical changes, and understand the value of up-to-date handbooks within organizations.