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• You confirm that the above-named organization (“Client”) has engaged the above-named consultant (“Consultant”) to provide consultancy services to Client.

• You confirm you have authority to commit Client to a legally binding agreement and that you agree to the Terms on behalf of Client. “XpertHR” means LNRS Data Services, Inc., trading as XpertHR (if Client’s address is within the United States) or LNRS Data Services Limited, trading as XpertHR (if Client’s address is outside of the United States).

• Client authorizes XpertHR to share Contributed Data with Consultant and to communicate with Consultant. Where applicable, Client authorizes Consultant to provide Contributed Data on behalf of Client.

• Client acknowledges that the purpose of this agreement is solely to enable the provision of consultancy services by the Consultant to Client. All rights granted by XpertHR to access Products, Licensed Content, or Contributed Data under the Terms are granted to Consultant, rather than to Client, and all products, information, materials, notifications, and communications provided by XpertHR will be provided to Consultant and not to Client. XpertHR is under no obligation to provide Customer with access to any XpertHR product or information. Provision of information or services by XpertHR is conditional upon Consultant maintaining a valid agreement with XpertHR; XpertHR may terminate this Agreement at any time by notice to Consultant.

• Reference in the Terms to “Customer” will be read as references to Client, and references to an “Order Form” are references to these click-wrap terms.

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