Intelligent employee handbook management

Aptifore™ is the only intelligent employee handbook management solution that allows you to upload existing handbooks–ensuring your organization stays compliant and protected.

Revolutionizing the employee handbook process

  • Automated, personalized alerts prompted by legislative changes in relevant jurisdictions.

  • Risk mitigation around accidental non-compliance with employment law developments.

  • Reduced expenditure on manual handbook updates, external legal advice and fines for non-compliance.

  • One trusted source and repository for all your employee handbook management needs.

How do you keep your Employee Handbook compliant?

Aptifore product user interface

Aptifore is a proactive employee handbook maintenance solution. Its ground-breaking technology and adaptive design serves each organization’s distinctive needs and challenges, providing automated, personalized alerts and insights to keep employee handbooks compliant.

Transform your employee handbook process

  • Alleviate your workload

    Reduce time spent on ongoing maintenance with automated insights into which policies are applicable to your organization

  • Protect your employees

    Uncover any gaps or missing policies required to mitigate risks and keep your organization compliant

  • Stay compliant

    Continuous monitoring and alerts to ensure your handbook stays up-to-date in the face of constantly changing employment laws

  • Access to the best

    Policy statements researched and prepared by top trusted subject matter experts support proactive policy maintenance on a federal, state and local level.

The intelligent way to keep your employee handbook compliant… has arrived.